Volunteering for Smile on Seniors

(9th - 12th Graders)

Smile on Seniors is launching in memory of Rob Fishman, may his memory be a blessing.

SOS orientation is: Sunday, February 6 from 5:30-6:45pm on ZOOM.

Q: What is "volunteering for smile on seniors?" 

A: You and another volunteer will be paired up with 2-4 seniors and spend one hour hanging out together-  playing board games, chatting, reading books or telling jokes! You will form an incredible relationship with your senior buddy. In their older age, seniors are lonely and are looking for someone to connect to. It will be a enriching, meaningful and impactful experience. This multi-generational connection is a new volunteer opportunity that we are  excited to offer to you!

Q: When and where do we meet?

A: Volunteers meet for one hour, once a month on Sunday mornings at the Whitney Place in Sharon. After you register, you will receive the full year calendar.  

Q: What is the requirement?

A: You must be committed to show up every month as your "senior buddy" will be waiting for you.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask? 

A: Yes. 

Q: Does this qualify as volunteer hours for my school or other programs? 

A: YES. Reach out to Chanie to sign your paperwork. 

  • Important:
    There is NO texting or using your cell phone while you are with your senior buddy. We have this rule in place so that you can connect with your buddy and have a great time together.