Hey teens!
We know you lead busy lives packed with schoolwork, after school activities etc. That is why we give you the flexibility to decide how frequently you volunteer and for which programs. 

Program you can volunteer for:
1)  Friends at Home                
  (FAQ'S F@H)

2)   Volunteer for OUR Community- Monthly Programs Holiday Celebrations & Bday Parties        (FAQ'S Community)

3) Seniors at The Whitney Place                                                                                                  (FAQ'S Seniors)

Here's the process to get started:

# 1 - Register 
Complete the registration form.

# 2 - Orientation 
Attend the mandatory orientation on Sunday, October 3, 2021 from 3:30-5:00pm. Location to be emailed closer to date. One parent must be in attendance. You will learn more about the Friendship Circle, expectations as a volunteer and get excited for an amazing year! Welcome to the coolest Jewish Teen club in town! 

# 3 - Meeting
Chanie will set up a 15 minute meeting with you and one parent to find the most appropriate volunteer opportunity and/or buddy for you!

#4 - Begin Volunteering! 

Once you choose which program to volunteer for, you will begin volunteering! If you are volunteering for friends at home, please note it is contingent on the right match being available. If there is no suitable match immediately, attend group events and stay involved! There is rolling enrollment so as soon as the right match becomes available, you will be notified. 

Still have questions? [email protected] icons8-woman-profile-100.pngwe love to help! Otherwise go ahead and  Register icons8-plus-100.png