Friends at Home Idea Box

You are a Friends at Home buddy and are stuck. Looking for an Idea. A craft, game. All you need will be here. Check back for updates.

Friends at Home Activities

  • Finger Paint" - Squeeze cheap hair gel into Ziploc bags, add a few drops of food coloring, and put beads inside. Form shapes, smoosh it, move the beads around, HAVE FUN!!
  • Make Goop
  • Blanket Rides - pull each other around in blankets
  • Jump from cushion to cushion on the floor
  • Animal Walk - Walk across the room like different animals (examples: monkey, bear, crab)
  • Twister
  • Obstacle Course - Crawl over rope, jump over and under rope
  • Talk like a robot and move around like a robot
  • Simon Says
  • Freeze Dance - Put on music and have them dance and then freeze
  • Musical Chairs
  • Indoor Basketball - Use a big garbage can, laundry basket or any other household basket
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